About Falcon CNG, LLC

Falcon CNG, LLC provides compressed natural gas, or CNG, conversions for vehicles and engines that currently run on diesel or gasoline.

Falcon CNG's target business model is: 100% Integrity – 100% of the time or 100% I/T.. Whether it be in how Falcon CNG communicates, installs the conversions, quotes a job, or services a vehicle the performance target will always be 100% I/T. One can expect 100% integrity in every interaction with Falcon CNG. That means Falcon CNG will be there for you throughout the ownership of the CNG vehicle.

Falcon CNG, LLC has the following certificates and training:

  1. CNG System Installation and Diagnostics for Gasoline and Diesel
  2. Advanced CNG System Calibration / Tuning
  3. CNG Cylinder Inspection and Installation
  4. CSA Fuel Systems Inspector (required for 'sign off' of every after-market CNG conversion on the road and periodic maintenance)
  5. 11+ years at a regional natural gas utility at the Director and Vice President level, including project manager of the utility's new CNG station
  6. Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering
  7. Master’s Degree in Business Administration
Our training and certificates offer the client the best opportunity to experience a CNG converted vehicle in its proper form: efficient, seamless and cost effective.

Our Mission

100% I/T

100% Integrity 100% of the time

Unmatched Service

Whether it's conversions, service or inspections, our service will not be beat.

Expert Advice

Our goal is to become the region's CNG expert and the 'Go-To' conversion shop.

Our Philosophy

Our Skills

B.S. Mechanical Engineering
11+ Years Natural Gas Experience
CSA Fuel Systems Inspector
Advanced CNG System Calibration/Tuning