Products & Services

Falcon CNG, LLC provides the following:
  1. CNG conversions for gasoline and diesel vehicles and engines whether normally aspirated or turbocharged. Our kits utilize multi-port sequential injection, top shelf products and advanced tuning techniques to maximize CNG conversion benefits.
  2. Two options are available for turbo-charged and normally aspirated diesel vehicles and engines:
    • “CNG over diesel” where CNG is simply added to the engine without reducing the amount of diesel fuel being injected. The engine has 100% of the diesel fuel it needs plus additional CNG. The additional CNG raises the power output of the diesel engine. This additional power means the driver does not have to push the "gas" pedal as far to travel at the same speed. This reduction of the “gas” pedal position results in less diesel being injected and therefore reduces the overall fuel costs.
    • “Diesel fuel rail control (emulation)” where the CNG system controller reduces the amount of diesel fuel being injected into the engine and the 'missing' diesel fuel is replaced with CNG. This method provides better fuel savings when compared to "CNG over diesel" but does not necessarily add additional power to the engine.
  3. Tank and fuel system inspections and certification according to the CSA specifications. CSA inspections utilize the tank manufacturer’s guidelines, Compressed Gas Associations C-6.4 and NFPA 52 federal code. Every CNG tank is required to be inspected by a CSA certified inspector every 36 months or 36,000 miles, which ever comes first.
  4. Troubleshooting and repair of CNG systems.