Valve Lubrication

Valve Lubrication System

Some vehicles are not available with a “gas prepped” engine from the factory or an operator may already own a vehicle that is not gas prepped buts wants to convert the vehicle to CNG. A gas prepped engine is one that has hardened valves and valve seats or one that has those components made from a different metallurgical composition.

Gasoline is a liquid and is converted to a vapor when the gasoline is sprayed into the engine by the gasoline injector. Gasoline carries small amounts of additives and lubricants through the gasoline injectors which in turn lubricate the cylinder valves and valves seats. While running a vehicle on CNG only the lubricants in the gasoline are not injected because the gasoline is not injected. CNG stays a gas the entire time it is stored in the vehicle fuel tanks and while it is delivered to the engine, so no lubrication can be added to the fuel itself.

For those discerning vehicle owners who value extra engine protection and extendedengine life, without much additional cost, Falcon CNG offers a sophisticated valve and valve seat lubrication system that can be added to any CNG system. The V-Lube system also lubricates the CNG injector O-rings thus providing extended CNG injector life.

System and Installation Cost

For a single outlet regulator CNG system a complete V-Lube system (Control unitw/pump, lubricant reservoir, injector port, 500 ML of lubricant and installation) is less than $500.

General Information

The electronic controlled micro-valve and pump deliver lubricant in proportion to the engine load. A hard working engine gets more lubrication and vice versa. The correct operation of the pump and micro-valve is also monitored by the integrated pressure sensor. The number of cylinders as well as the volume of lubrication can be entered with the use of software. Learn more at the V-Lube website.

  • Lubrication delivered in proportion to engine load
  • No risk of too much or too little lubrication across entire engine RPM range
  • Low lubricant LED indicator
  • Error monitoring and auto-diagnosis
  • Unit has the option to disable the use of CNG, and automatically return to gasoline, in case of an empty additive tank
  • Excellent of new and existing CNG and LPG vehicles
  • Professional grade construction and installation
  • Competitive price in return for additional engine life
  • Compatible with turbo charged engines
  • Tried, Tested and Independently Certified