Why CNG?

  • Fuel savings average about $1.70 / gallon less than gasoline based on current fuel prices. CNG is $1.63 / equivalent gasoline gallon. So, for example, the fuel savings for a vehicle driving 20,000 miles per year averaging 15 MPG is approximately $2,250 / year.
  • Many states offer rebates and/or tax incentives to convert your vehicle to CNG. AR offers a 50% rebate up to $4,500 and OK offers a 50% income tax incentive. For more information click here.
  • Approximately 40% reduction in exhaust emissions versus gasoline, which is excellent news for our environment.
  • The clean burning nature of CNG
    • Can extend the life of an engine
    • Can reduce maintenance costs by extending the time between engine tune-ups and oil changes.
  • CNG helps facilitate America's continued reduction of dependence on foreign oil.
  • Natural gas is produced within the borders of the United States. Natural gas production creates local jobs, helps drive the local, regional and often the state economy.