Costs and Rebates

A non-EPA certified V8 pick-up truck CNG kit with a 13.6 GGE (Gasoline Gallon Equivalent) tank mounted in the bed with a diamond tread plate tank cover typically costs under $7000 installed. A V6 engine, a smaller tank, a larger tank or multiple tanks all affect the conversion cost.

Depending on the vehicle, the additional cost of an EPA certified kit is approximately $2,000-4000.

Falcon CNG, in keeping with their target of 100% I/T, has chosen to offer professional conversions with high quality kits at a price that is fair, realistic and competitive. Falcon CNG has a long term plan to become the regions CNG expert and the 'go to' conversion shop. To accomplish that goal Falcon CNG must adhere to the 100% I/T business model target.

Grant Programs, Rebates and Tax Incentives

Different states offer different programs and requirements:

Arkansas (AR)

The Alternative Fuel Data Center provides this link for AR which has information concerning incentives, grants and rebates: However, Falcon CNG has confirmed with the Arkansas Department of Energy that the rebate conditions on the link are changing and they expect to have updated rebate information posted by the middle of June 2014. Falcon CNG has confirmed the following information regarding the upcoming rebate program:

  1. A 50% rebate for alternative fuel conversions for vehicles, including CNG
  2. Rebates comes in the form of a check, up to $4,500
  3. Only for EPA certified kits installed on 2012 and newer vehicles.
  4. First come, first served basis until the funds are depleted
  5. The rebate money must be reserved in advance of the conversion, 45 days to convert after the money is reserved.

Arkansas offers low interest rate loans through private lenders / SBA, school bus conversion grant programs and grants for Idle Reduction technologies development. For more information please contact Falcon CNG.

Oklahoma (OK)

Oklahoma offers a 50% income tax credit for EPA certified and non-EPA certified kits for alternative fuel vehicles conversions. The OK Department of Commerce also offers a private loan program with a 3% interest rate for the cost of converting private fleets to operate on alternative fuels. The loan repayment has a maximum six-year period.